Promo Payouts

Get paid for promoting Dogecoin 2.0!

We will pay you 50 DOGE2 for every 5 posts on social media you do! Once you have 5 posts come here to fill out this form or if you want to stack your posts and submit 10, 15, or even 20 posts, you can do that too! It could take up to 1 week to process your payout!


1) Your posts must be within the last 7 days when you submit. For example, if you’re submitting on the 7th your oldest post must be from the 1st. Anything older will not be counted.

2) You must include these hashtags in your post: #DOGE2 #DOGE2ARMY #CRYPTO #CRYPTOTRADING

3) Your account can’t be set up just for tweeting promos. Account has to have genuine followers and be older than 3 months

4) Do not delete any of your tweets after being paid. We will be randomly checking to see if tweets have been deleted, if so you will not get future payouts.

5) You can include our website. Our homepage: or whitepaper: are preferred.

6) If you do not include our website then you must include a promo image or a DOGE2 meme. You can find them here:

7) No shilling other cryptos in your post and you must have a DOGE2 wallet address.

8) Your Tweets must be unique per day. No copy and pasting the same tweet daily.

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