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Dated June 19, 2021

Dogecoin 2.0

Ticker: Doge2, BSC BEP 20

Exchange Information And A Brief Introduction To Dogelink

Exchange Information
Before we delve into our grand plans for Dogelink, I want to provide investors with a status update regarding our initial exchange listings with and I also want to share some very important key differences between decentralized exchanges (DEX), like Pancakeswap, and centralized exchanges (CEX) like Binance, Coinbase, Coinsbit, and Latoken, and how these differences will affect and impact doge2 trading and tokenomics specifically. So let’s get into that first:

1. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) allow investors to trade anonymously via linkage of their personal wallet, each Doge2 DEX transaction is a wallet to wallet transaction which activates our automatic liquidity and static rewards tokenomics. Simply put, at the current time, each DEX transaction is taxed at 10% and redistributed accordingly whether it be a buy, sell, or transfer; we are looking into possible ways to mitigate this tax on transfers ONLY.

2. Centralized Exchanges (CEX), such as Coinsbit or Latoken, things work differently, and it is very important that our investors understand this. The large majority of centralized exchanges use internal accounting techniques independent from the blockchain to track and facilitate trades and to monitor hot wallets; that being said, Doge2 investors will be taxed when they transfer to and from their centralized exchange wallets, but they will neither be taxed nor benefit from our reflection tokenomics while trading on centralized exchanges (at least for the time being). We are looking into ways to mitigate this, but we are also considering leaving things as they are; after all, there are advantages to not facing taxation, even if reflection is sacrificed; centralized exchanges will induce the trading of Doge2 at higher frequencies.

3. *DISCLAIMER* Please be aware that there seems to be a 20% total fee (the normal 10% tax + an unknown exchange fee) when moving Doge2 onto the Coinsbit exchange. We have reached out to the Coinsbit team for guidance on this issue, and we are working to resolve it. It WILL be resolved, and an announcement will be made when it is. As such, it may be better for our investors to purchase Doge2 from the Coinsbit exchange at this time rather than moving their tokens to it. When moving Doge2 onto the Latoken exchange there are NO additional fees other than the usual 10%. I am pleased to announce that Dogecoin 2.0 has officially listed and is trading live on Coinsbit as a doge2/usdt currency pair; a doge2/btc pair will begin trading at some point over the next few weeks. A Doge2 staking pool will also become available on Coinsbit in the near term, and there will be an announcement on this feature going live. Dogecoin 2.0 will begin trading on Latoken on Monday, 6/21. There will be a trading competition taking place with 500,000 Doge2 being given away starting as soon as trading goes live. There will also be a mass Doge2 airdrop of millions of tokens through latoken towards the end of next week. These initiatives will benefit liquidity and volume, and greatly expand our user base and increase our marketing reach. + One to two weeks after trading begins on, we will be listed on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Our logo, chart, and personal balances will also appear on Trust Wallet in July.

As our American investors cannot legally use Coinsbit and Latoken, it is our priority to list with a US CEX next. We are currently in talks with Bitmart. We are also in talks with an exchange that has offered to issue our investors Doge2 debit cards which can be used to withdraw Fiat from Doge2 balances anywhere in the world.

From day one, it has been our vision to create a Doge ecosystem – a Dogecoin economy of sorts. It is abundantly clear, especially in light of world events over the past year, that our worldwide financial system is in great jeopardy. Banks are highly over-leveraged; central banks are printing fiat Currencies at alarming rates creating inflation; many small businesses have faced permanent closure due to pandemic lockdowns; unemployment numbers remain bad, as for a year, first-time jobless claims were in the millions or hundreds of thousands week after week; wages have been stagnant for decades as prices have risen; the gap between rich and poor is growing- corporations, wall-street banks, and the wealthiest are rolling in cash while the middle class is being destroyed and the poor trampled. Doge2 has a low supply and reflection tokenomics to act as a store of value- an inflation hedge- for the Dogecoin community; but we have even bigger plans: DOGELINK.

Our drive to create Dogelink stems from a desire to produce an alternative economy for the Dogecoin community and a greater world that is decentralized and fair for all. Our team believes that blockchain technology can make the world a better, more fair more free place for everyone, and so was born our vision for DOGELINK.

Dogelink is going to be the epicenter of the new Dogecoin economy. It will offer a host of DEFI applications from a decentralized exchange, to social media, to shopping, and it will be run by Doge, Doge2, and a NEW fourth-generation currency on its own blockchain that will be airdropped to ALL Doge2 holders. More, specific information and schematics will be forthcoming on this development. We couldn’t be more excited, and we hope you are too!

We are looking for developers to join our growing team; please email inquiries to: Please join our official mailing list for further updates regarding Doge2 and Dogelink HERE:

Remember- together anything is possible. We will create our own destiny, we will fight for our future, and we will WIN!ig

Lightcreator | Creator of Dogecoin 2.0


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