Press Release – May 26, 2021

It is now our immediate priority to begin focusing on all exchange listings. Being that
Dogecoin 2.0 is a low-supply, low-float asset, it is very reactive to even low levels of volume as
we have seen over these last few weeks; as such, It is imperative that we unlock and unleash the
potential of demand through every possible global exchange. The listing will increase the power of
our brand and the strength of our community by exponentially increasing the number of people who
own and have access to Dogecoin 2.0, which will augment both liquidity and volume, and
subsequently, due to our structure, asset price. Our reflection protocol will operate most
effectively if our asset price equals several units of fiat currency and here is why:

If several fiat units (US dollars for example) are equal to the value of one DOGE2 token,
the number of tokens that one would have to withdraw in order to achieve a certain fiat value
would be fractionally less. That being said, it is also true that as the market cap of DOGE2
increases with its price, it will take fewer transactions (in terms of DOGE2 units), to make up the
same fiat value via our reflection protocol.

It is our short-term mission to list on at least two major exchanges, and as previously
stated, it is our long-term goal to actively trade on all. The development team is currently in talks
with three, strategically selected, major exchanges who have all agreed to assist with our listing
on CoinMarketCap and Coin Gecko as well. We plan to execute these deals within the next two
weeks and finalize the listing processes over the weeks that follow.

-Lightcreator | Creator of Dogecoin 2.0