Project Statement – August 31, 2021

Today the Dogecoin Foundation, which is comprised of several high-profile board members/advisors including billionaire, Vitalik Buterin and Billy Markus, announced in a press release entitled: “Advisory: Statement Concerning the ‘Dogecoin 2.0’ crypto project,” that their legal team would be sending us a formal operational cease and desist letter. Tomorrow we have a meeting with our lawyer to review all options.

Our top priority and obligation is to the protection of our thousands of investors, who will be most affected by this unfortunate turn of events. As we have always done, we will remain fully transparent throughout this ordeal so that our investors have the information necessary to make the best decisions for themselves.

The Dogecoin 2.0 project, founded in integrity, honesty, transparency, and hard work, is dedicated to the protection of our investors, and to the preservation of this great movement; we believe the fulfillment of our mission will act to better the crypto space and world at large; we believe in decentralization, democratization, and free markets.

Though we are being unjustly targeted, our fighting spirit remains burning more brightly than ever. We will keep you all fully updated and informed as this fluid situation unfolds.