Statement on CoinMarketCap Status – August 9, 2021

We have been trying for three months to get listed on We have been rejected by them several times. Each time, we were told that we “don’t meet their listing requirements,” even though it is abundantly clear that we meet ALL of their published requirements. When we asked what specific requirement/s we didn’t meet – we were ignored. We have reached out to the CoinMarketCap team many times for further clarification since May, 21, and they have continued to ignore our emails and messages, until this past week when we were told “it also bears mentioning that getting listed on our site is not simply a matter of ticking off a checklist or hitting predefined thresholds.” In other words, the listing criteria published by CoinMarketCap is meaningless – their true listing methodology relies on personal bias.

To make matters worse, CoinMarketCap bills itself as “unbiased, anti-censorship, timely, and open to feedback” in the following quote from their company website: “CoinMarketCap strives to provide accurate, timely, and unbiased data for crypto assets. Our view is that we should always over-provide data (as opposed to censoring and policing information) and let our users draw their own conclusions. We actively listen to feedback/requests from our users to enrich the quality of the data on our website.”

Regrettably, the unfair treatment that our community has received from CoinMarketCap over the past three months could not be more polar opposite. Our project has been fully audited by a highly reputable third party; we were listed to, added to TrustWallet, Blockfolio, LAtoken, Coinsbit, TokenPocket, and others, and we are in talks with many Tier 1 exchanges. We have tens of thousands of community members from countries all around the world who have entrusted us with their hard-earned capital. Our project meets all of the requirements that are published on the CoinMarketCap website and even exceeds them.

This type of discrimination is not only inconsiderate, but it is also in violation of CoinMarketCap’s own statement of Methodology and averse to global business standards, ethical and moral principles, and even perhaps, the law. It should mentioned that CoinMarketCap has listed projects within 48 hours of their launch. It should also be mentioned that some of the projects listed on include names like ‘cumrocket,’ ‘ pornrocket,’ ‘pussy financial,’ ‘pussy credit,’ and ‘ass.’

It should also be mentioned that many of the tokens listed by are over-inflated, have quadrillion-unit supplies, and are dangerous for investors. It has also come to our attention that some projects have paid CoinMarketCap upwards of $100,000 for a listing. CoinMarketCap is a Delaware, USA-based company and is subject to SEC guidelines and American civil rights law; however, it was bought by Binance for $400,000,000 in 2020, which is largely operated by Chinese nationals.

Our team will continue to honor our principles as we navigate this unfortunate situation. We will always fight for our people. In a world of injustice, discrimination, and authoritarianism, never back down and always remember that truth will prevail!

– The Dogecoin 2.0 Team